How the process works

​We sell a lamb to you and we handle the processing (butcher comes out to our farm to quietly transform the lamb into the "refrigerator lamb" so you'll know the hanging weight) on your behalf, so you don't have to do anything other than tell the butcher how you'd like your lamb to be cut and wrapped. You will pay Black Moose Ranch the "hanging weight" of your lamb (after the skin, skull and innards are removed, leaving just the meat/bones), minus the $75 deposit you paid when you reserved the lamb. We'll tell you how many pounds it is based on the butcher's scale and you can confirm that weight with the butcher directly. They are an independent 3rd party, which helps you know that the weight is accurate. You then tell the butcher how you want your lamb cut and packaged. 

If you've never done this before, don't worry! They have all of the questions to ask, such as "How many people are in your family?" (so they know how many chops to put in each pack.) and "How thick do you want each chop to be?" (they will tell you hat is "typical" if you aren't sure what you want.) "Do you want the bone in for your leg of lamb or would you like us to remove the bone for you?" (If you have dogs, ask the butcher to save the bones and scraps. This doesn't cost you any extra money and raw lamb bones are a great and healthy tread for your dog!)

Once you've given your instructions, your lamb will be cut and wrapped and packaged based on your instructions..You will pay the butcher for the processing/cut/wrap (flat fee of about $90) when you pick it up directly from the butcher in Spokane! Reserve your fall lamb now by emailing us at or go to the Contact Us page.

Grass-fed and grass-finished lamb

Each year we sell out, so reserve yours now while we still have some grass fed lambs available (they will be ready in the fall)! Reserve an 8 week old that you'll raise yourself for $75, or we'll raise one for you! Update: To get on the waiting list for Fall 2016 lams, please fill out the contact us form or we're happy to hook you up with other Finn breeders in the area that may have some available earlier than the fall.

If we raise one for you, it will be $4.50/lb hanging weight ($75 deposit, remainder due at harvest in the fall) plus $85/lamb flat processing fee. Finnsheep lambs are generally around 30-40 pounds hanging weight. So for a 40lb lamb, it's a total of $265 for a whole custom lamb, including legs, chops, ribs, shank, steak and ground for around$8.00/lb.. That's a great deal for GRASS-FED, healthy lamb! If you look at purchasing individual cuts of grass fed lamb online, you'll see grass-fed lamb chops and leg of lamb going for $20-$30 per pound, plus shipping!

Here at Black Moose Ranch you're getting great quality, local grass-fed lamb that is sustainably farmed. Email us to reserve your fall lamb now:​

The Finnsheep is a heritage breed sheep known for its delicate flavored meat, milk and fleece. At Black Moose Ranch, we focus on raising our lambs in a stress free environment on our lush green pastures. We are social with our sheep, spending time every day to scratch them and make sure that they are healthy and happy. This not only creates a relaxing, stress free environment for our sheep, it also insures that we know the health of each member of the flock. They are born here on our farm and are harvested here on our farm, so we know exactly how each is handled from start to finish.

Fiber and Fleece

Ready to spin! 

We have a variety of roving and batts in natural colors that are cleaned, carded and ready to spin. All have been professionally processed with non-chemical cleaners. The roving is very clean with no veggie matter. The batts have a minor amount that easily spins out. 

If you're a felter, we have some raw white, black, gray and multi-colored fleece with an average stable of 2 inches at $10/pound (plus shipping)

Gray Roving or Batts

Gray roving $12 per 8 oz. This is READY  TO SPIN. No cleaning or carding necessary!

​plus shipping

White Roving

White roving $12 per 8 oz. This is READY  TO SPIN. No cleaning or carding necessary!

​plus shipping

They have constant access to large pastures and we use a rotational grazing system to help control parasites and keep the land healthy. There is zero overcrowding and plenty of room to roam as sheep are meant to do. We do not use pesticides in our fields, nor do we use hormones or antibiotics in our sheep. In the rare instance a lamb has an infection that requires antibiotics, then that lamb is not sold as grass-fed meat. We do NOT grain-finish our sheep. They have access to pasture, grass hay, water, salt and minerals all the time. This helps insure healthy, omega-3 and CLA rich, delicately flavored tender lamb. When summer ends and the pastures stop producing grass, normally around October, the lambs are at their best weight, tenderness and flavor, ready for harvest. We go out of our way to insure that the harvesting is a no-stress time for each lamb and that they don't know what's happening. The harvesting happens here on the farm, then the meat is taken back to the butcher to be cut and wrapped based on your instructions. ​Not only is this kind and humane to the lambs, it increases the quality of the meat since few stress hormones are released.