Black Moose KupKake 

Black Finnsheep (RR), black part of the IFR Breed Improvement Program. Bred to a white RR ram for 2016 lambs.


Deena, Kit and Yeti 

Finnsheep (QR), all white and part of the IFR Breed Improvement Program

All 3 were bred to a white RR ram for 2016 lambs.


Black Moose Gizmo

 Purebred Finnsheep (QQ), Carries Silver

Black Moose Minx

 Purebred Finnsheep (QQ), Brown

Black Moose Mona

 Purebred Finnsheep (QQ), Brown

Black Moose Beaker​- Bred to Minx, Gizmo, Betz and Xandi for 2016 lambs

Purebred Finn Ram (QQ)

His lamb picture is on the left, but his "adult" color is in the picture-in-picture image . He's a silver and a sweet ram to boot! This year he's thrown black, brown and white and plenty to choose from! 


Black Moose Gilt 

 Silver Purebred Finnsheep (QQ)

Rams bred to ewes for 2016 lambs

Rams chosen for fleece, color, size and personality. 

Ewes and rams that make the lambs

Here are the Ewes and Rams that bring you the lambs you see in the Ewe Lamb and Ram Lamb pages of this site! Check the ram listings at the bottom for the 2016 breeding match up of ewes and rams. 

Breeding Ewes 

Black Moose Xavier - Bred to Magic, Mona, Wuffles, Gilt for 2016 lambs

Purebred Finn Ram (QQ)

This handsome guy is the best of all worlds. Fantastic color, fleece and personality. This is his first year breeding, and we can't wait to see what he produces! We bred him to some QQ ewes for 2016 and if he produces the deep color and perfect fleece that we're expecting, we'll breed him to some RR ewes for 2017 lambs.



Black Moose Magic 

 Purebred Finnsheep (QQ)


 Purebred Finnsheep (QQ)

Merlin - Bred to QR and RR lambs at Solace Farm for 2016 lambs

Finn Ram (QR), part of the IFR Breed Improvement Program

Deep chocolate brown, luster and crimp (plus a sweet personality and strong confirmation)! What more could you ask for in a ram!? You could want the R gene! Merlin is QR and threw some nice QR and RR lambs in 2015 when bred to QR ewes. 

Black Moose Wuffles 

 Purebred Finnsheep (QQ), Brown and White Pie/spotted