Ewe Lambs for Sale

Reserve your color and bloodline now!!

Lambing has started and we already have some great color and fleece in this year's lambs.. If you have your eye on a certain color, bloodline or Breed Improvement lamb, now is the time to let us know!  Remember that in addition to purebred Finn's who are registered with the International Finnsheeep Registry (IFR), we also have a limited number of "Breed Improvement" bloodlines where we are focused on adding in the codon (QR and RR for scrapie resistance) and overall breed characteristics including fleece quality and color, body size, We can make a starter flock out of a ram lamb and 2 unrelated ewe lambs too! 

Lambing begins in early March, 2016. We'll post pictures as they start to hit the ground! We'll have some QQ, QR, and RR lambs this year.